•  Do you experience anxiety?
  •  Does anxiety hold you back?
  •  Does it stop you feeling and being 100% you?
  •  Is anxiety making you lose confidence and become insecure, in yourself and your relationships?
Yes - I want to have you in my inbox and continue to get your love, support and positivity! I am IN!! 
Video 1 – Understanding your triggers
Video 2 – Identifying the root cause and how to change the thought habits
Video 3 – Ruminating and Catastrophizing
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  • Learnt valuable information that you just cannot unlearn!
  • Be able to identify your triggers.
  • Know what you need in your life and what is making anxiety worse.
  • Become aware of when anxiety is taking control and how to stop it.
  • Have a clear direction moving forward and be ready to take those next steps.
If you're ready to say 'NO' to anxiety then click below for my 3 part video series 
"I started following Sam on Instagram from a post in another group. I didn’t follow anyone else, I don’t know why but it was like I was drawn to her. I listened to her podcast and it really resonated with me since I’ve dealt with anxiety for more than half of my life now. I tend to like Instagram better than Facebook, but I found out she had a group on here, so I decided to join. She held a workshop called Emotional Rebalance and Detox, which I was happy to be a part of. It isn’t anything complicated, and that’s the best part about it. I feel like when you have anxiety, you can’t see past the negativity and instead see more positive emotions right in front of you. Sam helps you do just that simply yet effectively (you know an anxious brain does not need MORE info to worry about). It makes it easy to feel some good emotions daily. The best part about it is that Sam is real, isn’t reading out of books but taking this from her own experiences. And I’ll be honest, you really just can’t be sad watching or listening to her!!"

Kristin, USA
"Sam's energy is so positive! You'll always leave smiling and feeling empowered after watching her live videos :) Sam is very good at building genuine connections with her clients and followers. She makes you feel understood and valued. Sam is a very good role model and has lots to offer. A Happy Mind has helped me learn how to overcome anxiety and cultivate positivity in my life! I have participated in Sam's paid and free workshops. I can wholeheartedly say that she genuinely cares about you and your personal journey. She goes above and beyond to provide you with personalised advice. Highly recommend!"

Sahej, Australia
Samantha is a global anxiety coach that works with women 1:1, in overcoming anxiety and beginning to thrive in their lives – just as they all deserve. 

Samantha has been featured and write for 5 mental health magazines, as well as appear on mental health radio stations and interviews regularly on a global scale to discuss anxiety and her top tips. 

Samantha also speaks at events and exhibitions all over the UK to continue spreading the solutions and answers around a future without anxiety. 
Samantha has also won the awards of, inspirational achiever of 2018 and continues to create a vibrant connection within her Facebook and social media community, and speak to over 55 countries on her weekly podcast. 
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