This book is like no other book you will read on anxiety and self-help. It is my way to share strategies, tips and honest solutions that worked for me when on my journey with anxiety and I now want to share them with you to guide you in understanding, managing and overcoming anxiety in your life. 

This book is;
    - Fun 
    - Honest
    - Interactive 
    - Relatable 
    - Written by someone who gets it

Some of the topics covered are;

Getting Stuck In (Part 1) 

Digging Deeper (Part 2) 

Facts and Feelings 
Past, Present, Future 

Specific Support (Part 3) 

Positivity Party (Part 4)
Your Future 

With activities along the way and quotes to empower and support you.

This isn’t a book – it’s there to become your best friend.
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"The Emotional Re-Balance and Detox workshop was particularly helpful, she carefully went through a number of strategies and exercises which can be easily applied to everyday life. The content of the workshop was detailed, yet she doesn’t over complicate things and listens to everyone’s answers/inputs. Sam really connects with everyone on a personal level, and takes her time to concentrate on what each person aims to get out of her coaching. Above all, Sam can relate to each and every one of us. She’s been there and everything she shares is completely original and from her own experiences. She is a bubbly, vibrant, beautiful lady and has such a big heart. She is definitely someone I look up to and I hope to follow in her footsteps one day. Thank you Sam, for creating A Happy Mind. But most of all, thank you for being you! Xxx"

Becky, UK
"Sam gives you access to strategies to develop and reflect on yourself in a way that allows you learn something about yourself you probably never realised, these strategies are accessible, genuine and unique to Sam which makes it a thought provoking experience. It gave me the prod to start tackling my anxiety and challenge my behaviour to enable me to move forward in my life."

Rachel, UK
"Sam is very supportive and knowledgeable about anxiety and self love tips. Sam is energetic and has a magnetic personality. I strongly recommend A Happy Mind and Sam’s services.
Sam has made a huge impact on my life. I am setting goals and not only meeting but exceeding them. 
Thank you Sam for being amazing and authentic."

Angie, Canada
"She is AMAZING! To find and connect with someone so honest, friendly and truly genuine – I never thought I'd feel so safe to talk about my anxiety with someone. But with Sam, she became a friend, a support and someone I wanted to share my struggles, but also my successes with. She would reply between calls, be there for me and coach me to a place I never thought id get to. For so many years my anxiety was in charge, totally took over everything. Now – it is well and truly in its place!! Thank you Sam – you are literally amazing!"

Sophie, UK
"I am now in control of my anxiety, and better than that, it no longer takes over my relationships or stops me doing what I want. I feel calmer, happier and much more confident in myself. If anxiety hampers you, as much as it did me – she is your lady!!"

Kristen, L.A.
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